Productivity apps for the lazy.

Believe it or not, YouTube, Instagram and Fortnite are not the only apps available on the internet. Here is a list of productivity apps that can help you become productive, manage your work and your time.


Top 10 productivity apps that we love:


Boost your productivity with Trello. Kanban style approach to personal task management and productivity. Kanban is a system invented in Japan by the Toyota motor corporation, and you know that Toyota is known for their efficiency.


A fantastic To Do and habit creation app that helps you get through your task list as well as create new habits. The instant task option is great and can really help you get a lot done.


Simple, elegant and it works. Getting that nano second vibration when you complete a task almost acts as a reward in itself. One of the best To do apps out there.


This is such a great app for tracking a lot of information so you don’t get overwhelmed. If you have a list of things to track and do and you’re currently using excel, then you might want to give Airtable a try. It’s a beautiful app with the power of databases. There is a small learning curve to get the most out of the app.


This app checks your HRV to estimate your energy and stress levels. It helps you optimize your life by helping you monitor your stress and energy levels and identify which activities caused them, ensuring you’re energized to tackle the day and be productive.


Time trackers can be heart wrenching tools because they reveal how much time you actually waste by showing you how much time you spent working on a task.Toggle helps you track the time spent on projects. If you’re a freelancer, it is a great way to track all your projects. It will also show you where and how much time you waste.

Pomodoro App:

Stay focused by working in short work blocks. Use the Pomodoro technique to get more done and stay focused. You can just use the timer instead as well, if you don’t want to download another app for it.


Background Music for focused work. Sometimes your favorite songs can be a distraction when you work. Noisli has a mixture of various background music that helps you focus on work instead of music.

Science based music for different moods. is an algorithm based music service that has music for different moods. They alter your brain waves and help you focus or relax.


Finally, the most important and for the most part the only app you need. The calendar app. Schedule all your tasks into your calendar. Give it a fixed time and see your productivity rise.


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