10 Books on productivity for a lazy person.

There are millions of books out there but well, we are too lazy to read them all. So why not start with these. Simple, effective and insightful.

The Art of Procrastination By John Perry: 

Hilarious and speaks right to the heart of a procrastinator. Just a great read with some insights into how the mind of a procrastinator works.

The Perfect Day Formula By Craig Ballantyne:

Owning your day and getting into the right mindset to chase your goals. His Methods to make sure you are performing optimally is useful for any lazy person.

Deep Work By Cal Newport:

Most of us are too busy chasing the low hanging fruits and not accomplishing anything of true value. Cal has some brilliant insights on what kind of work truly matters and how to design your work life in a way that you can have maximum impact.

The Magic of Thinking Big By David J Schwartz: 

This book is the godfather of self-help books. Published in 1959, still very much relevant today, gives you step by step ways to expand your thinking and how to succeed at your job, relationship and life. David J Schwartz explains simple concepts through wonderfully illustrated examples. This book is a must-read. With tonnes of examples demonstrating how a successful person thinks and how to emulate them if you want to be successful as well.

The 5 second Rule By Mel Robbins:

 This book could have been 5 pages long and still be really effective. Probably the simplest best technique you could use. It’s a tool with the capacity to radically change your behavior.

The War of Art By Steven Pressfield: 

Steven Pressfield is a genius, and he knows the inner struggles of an artist. He has struggled with these demons all his life. Some battles he won. Some he learned. And then he wrote this book. If you’re a lazy person trying to become an artist, this book is a must read.

Do the Work By Steven Pressfield: 

In the first book, Pressfield identifies what resistance is and how to overcome it. In this book he gives you step by step guide from the generation of an idea to its execution and delivery. How to overcome resistance and obstacles that may prevent you from completing your artistic goals.

The Power of Habit By Charles Duhigg: 

Human beings are machines of habit. In this book, Charles lays out how habits are formed and why we do the things we do. Fascinating and eye opening. If you’re a lazy person, this book can help identify your habits and patterns and help you break them or create new healthy habits.

Linchpin By Seth Godin or any book by Seth Godin:

An amazing book on how to stand out and become indispensable at work. The thought experiments will help any lazy person stand out at their workplace and become successful.

Lazy Man’s Guide to Productivity:

The complete guide to hacking your productivity and getting important tasks done.




Happy reading…or happy procrastinating while you plan to read these books.



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